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What is Manage & Un-Manage Forex VPS Hosting

Lot of people maybe have read about Manage Forex Vps Hosting & Unmanage but they don't know which one to choose. Both of those VPS types they got their advantages and the disadvantages which we are going to discuss right now.

What is Manage VPS.

Full manage term in Forex vps servers means that you got the best assistance if you got issues on your vps configurations. Technical Support will be able 24hours to help you to fix the issues.

Somes upport that include on the Manage VPS are:

  • 1) Hardware failures
  • 2) E-mail Configurations
  • 3) Any updates that need to be done.
  • 4) Firewall

Especially manage VPS is like you got your own epert and if something happens to your server will fix it for you. Also automatic backups are including.

What is UnManage VPS

The hosting company who provides you unmanage service the only support that gives you is out be the server online 24hours per day.If you required any other support unfotunately you will not have it

The advantage in unmanage forex vps is that is much cheaper than the manage.

What I need to choose?

If you got all the technical knowledge to setup your VPS server, unmanage is the best choice because as we mentioned before. Reason is easy. Unmanage every time is a budget way to get your vps.

Both of unmanage and manage choice got only the uptime risk. Lot of companies mention that got great up time but some times is not true.

In Forex VPS Hosting our aim is to got the best uptime results in the market. We don't want the customer to be disappointed on that part, because the result can be to lost their live trades. We need to be sure that we got the best up time in the VPS market.


Forex VPS Server VS Forex Deticated Server

In an oldest article we mention what is a VPS server and the benefits of it

In that article we will try to explain what is the main difference of vps and dedicated server.

Forex Dedicated Server

Forex Dedicated server is a computer like that one you are using now. This computer is 24hours open and you can do the same tasks like you are doing to your computer. It has got pre-installed windows and you can install any program or game like you are doing on your pc. The benefits of it is that it's very hard to get virus, you save electricity because you don't have it 24 hours running. Also all of your files are save without a chance to lost them.

Forex VPS Server

VPS Server is EXACTLY the same with a dedicated server. The only difference is that the computer that you are using is virtual/fake. I am going to give an example.

To install an MT4 platform or Microsoft office you need to download it from internet and after that click on the icon to continue with the installation. Virtual machine is also software which you need to download from internet. When you download it internet then you need to install it to your pc. When you install this software you can install multiple times windows on it and run it as a virtual computer.

So VPS is running to an EXTRA FAST dedicated server

VPS or Dedicated Server

Especially the price of a VPS is much cheaper of a dedicated server. In my opinion VPS is much better because of the price. If you read this article maybe you will have the following question.

Dedicated is much better than VPS isn't it?

No it's not. In VPS you can configure the CPU speed, ram and anything related to the computers power. If the technical characteristics of a VPS is better than a dedicated server then the VPS is much better. You need just to compare the CPU speed, Ram , hard drive. VPS as we mentioned is isntalled on a dedicated server but that dedicated server is much better than from a typical dedicated server because needs to run multiple windows. So end of the day you will pay much more for nothing.


What is the difference between Forex VPS & VPS Server

If you are a trader with no technical knowledge and you read that article I inform you that our site is on a VPS server. The reason that I am starting with that information is to make people with out technical skills to understand that a Forex VPS is exactly the same like a server VPS. The only difference maybe is on the specifications of the server. Lot of people mention the word Forex, with the word VPS. That term especially in my opinion is not exist. It's just a way for companies to sell something ''exotic'' to people with out technical knowledges.

What is a VPS server?

Right now you may read this article from your computer or from a mobile. If you are reading the article from a computer I will try to do it as much simple.

VPS is a computer like this one you may using now with the difference is not in your house or in your office. You just need to connect on it. That computer is a virtual / fake which runs through the servers of hosting companies.

What are the benefits of a VPS server and why people using it for Forex?

In Forex trading it has got a lot of benefits to use a VPS.

  • Computer runs 24/7 week and the most companies gurantee 99.9% up-time
  • No viruses
  • Fast Computers
  • 24h Trading

That are some of the benefits to trade Forex through the VPS.


Forexvpshosting.net has got the best prices in the market. You can compare our prices and you will see that we have the cheapest prices for Forex industry.


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